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Be a Zen Master! Just add a banana

April 06, 2017

Be a Zen Master!  Just add a banana

Though it only takes milk and a blender to make, we're getting great feedback from customers who are creating all sorts of original ways to enjoy Zen Breakfast Blend.  Call it creative expression or even "hacking Zen", it's been awesome to see people coming up with all sorts of new ideas to enjoy Zen, their way.

Today we're going to start the Zen Masters forum, where we discuss mastering the art of making Zen Breakfast Blend.  Hopefully we'll tap into your creative side as you look around the kitchen in the morning and look for ways to make your breakfast smoothie even more personal to you.

The most popular option we've come across is adding a banana. It's quick and easy and according to, bananas have all sorts of proven health benefits.

The biggest health concern with bananas by themselves are their relatively high sugar and carb content (27g total carbs/14g sugar).  So if you are eating them alone, with juice, or along with a high sugar/carb breakfast you might want to rethink your breakfast, especially if you are overweight or have blood sugar issues.  When you add a banana to your Zen smoothie, that concern pretty much disappears because there's so few carbs or sugar in a Zen to start. 

Here's the skinny on adding a banana:

Add 1/2 a banana or a whole one - Half a banana seems to work best, and doesn't seem to require adding any more milk. But if you do add a whole banana, it get's a bit thicker, so you may want to add a splash or two more milk.

Use an unsweetened milk - Such as unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk.  A half a banana has about 7 grams of sugar, so using a "regular" almond/coconut milk with sugar is probably as sweet as most people will want or need.

Taste - Adding a banana creates a nice thick smoothie with a rich banana flavor.  The added sugar/carbs creates a very decadent flavor.  It's delicious if you like the taste of bananas in your smoothies.

Serving Size - Bananas are about 100 calories so 1/2  a banana pushes the total calories to about 450 calories.  That may seem like a lot for breakfast, but don't worry, you'll just eat less during the day.  If you're looking for a smaller breakfast for yourself or someone else in you family, just pour Zen into two cups. Breakfast for two!

Blending time - It doesn't add much, depending on your blender and the ripeness of the banana, you might want to give it another 5-10 seconds to achieve the same level of blend that you are used to.


P.S. Here's some approximate Nutritional Facts on Cherry Almond Zen Breakfast Blend made with unsweetened almond milk and 1/2 a banana.

Calories - 450

Protein - 21 grams 

Fat - 25 grams

Carbs - 29 grams (not including fiber)

Sugar - 13 grams (of the 29 non-fiber carbs)

Fiber - 14 grams 




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