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Just Breathe

January 17, 2017 2 Comments

Just Breathe

Welcome to our first blog post!

As a good friend reminds me, the first rule of feeling Zen is supposed to be easy, just breathe.  It sounds simple enough, but today we're having trouble.  Today is launch day, and it’s the day the journey of Zen Breakfast Blend begins.  It’s both exciting and dreadful at the same time.  As we breathe through this, we’re reminded that it’s each step that is important, even more than the journey.

Through “In the Blender”, we’ll keep everyone up to date on all things Zen Breakfast Blend.  We like to keep it real, and hope you appreciate it.  Mostly, we’ll post news and events, conversation points, and ways to make Zen Breakfast Blend even better. Most importantly though, we’re going to have a big conversation around food & health, because the way we are eating today is a real problem, and it needs to change.

Walk around and you’ll see it.   More than 2/3rd of adults are overweight, and more than 1/3rd of us are obese.  That’s 3x higher than just a generation ago. Most adults are now either diabetic or prediabetic.  Statins are recommended for half of adults over 40.  Our eating habits are shortening and worsening our lives, and we’ve turned bad eating into a $2 trillion a year healthcare problem.  Food is the problem, and food needs to be the solution.  We’re looking forward to doing our part to be part of the solution and educate people about healthy eating along the way.

There’s so much to say, so much to do and so much to be thankful for as we start this long journey.  But today we’ll keep it simple.  

Welcome, and breathe.  

Zen Dude.

2 Responses

Zen Staff
Zen Staff

April 04, 2017

Hi Mary Lou, Zen is mostly a mix of seeds and nuts, with rice/pea protein and natural organic cacao. It also has drum dried fruit (cherry or blueberry) along with stevia and coconut sugar for maximum taste, without alot of sugar. We also include a powerful probiotic, BC30, to help support the digestive and immune system. It’s about the healthiest thing you can have for breakfast.

Mary Lou herrera
Mary Lou herrera

January 19, 2017

Would like to know what’s in it? Interesting.

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