A Healthy Breakfast for Stress Relief & Lower Cholesterol

A Healthy Breakfast for Stress Relief & Lower Cholesterol

"For many people, their health problems begin when they eat an unhealthy breakfast—or none at all." - Dr. Jen Wicher N.D.


Created by a doctor on a mission to help her patients eat a healthier breakfast.

For more than a decade, “Dr. Jen” Wicher has been treating patients with nutrition and lifestyle programs at Synergy Natural Medicine Clinic near Los Angeles, California. Many of her patients come in with issues caused by a poor diet: elevated levels of blood sugars, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and exhaustion.

On a mission to help people eat better and live healthier.

According to Dr. Wicher, over time these physiological stresses on the body often lead to metabolic syndrome, and eventually to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, cognitive disorders, and many other health problems people have as they get older. It's a serious problem in the modern age.

Too many carbohydrates and sugar on an empty stomach first thing in the morning spikes blood sugars and creates internal stress in the body, just as people are getting ready to face the busiest and most stressful part of the day.  Lack of adequate protein, healthy fats, and fiber for breakfast makes the problem worse, and caffeine just exacerbates the problem.

The importance of stress relief

The human body can only handle so much stress, both inside and out.  Too much stress for too long creates a cycle of exhaustion, less exercise, and weight gain, and leads to obesity, heart diseases, and other kinds of metabolic diseases down the road.  This vicious cycle is a major reason that over 70% of adults are overweight and about half of adults in America are either diabetic or prediabetic.


The nut & seed breakfast smoothie: The RX to a high energy breakfast

For more than a decade, Dr. Wicher has been recommending nut and seed breakfast smoothies as an easy way for her patients to get the protein, fats, and fiber they need in the morning. Along the way, she's seen a remarkable improvement in the health of her patients, but found patients have great difficulty taking the time and effort to make one.

Our team has taken those concepts and developed Zen Breakfast Blend, the world's first nut and seed breakfast smoothie. We think nut and seed smoothies are the ideal solution for delivering optimal nutrition to start the day for all kinds of people. We look forward to providing our customers with a go-to breakfast smoothie that they can enjoy for life.

Dr. Jen Wicher and Son