Kudos from happy Zen fans

After I had a Zen Breakfast Blend, I didn't eat all day!

After I had a Zen Breakfast Blend, I didn't eat all day! I was not hungry and did not end up lightheaded, as would normally happen when I don't have time to eat. The next day I had another and I was satisfied and energetic throughout the day. The breakfast blend is very filling and the feeling of fullness stays with you for hours, unlike many of the other smoothies I've tried.

– Marie M.

I'm still full

I had a Zen Breakfast Blend for breakfast and I had a chicken salad for lunch. I am still full and it's now after 5:00. I will choose a light dinner. I am usually more hungry, even now.

– Amy R.

Good appetite control

Had a great feeling all day. Good appetite control. Very easy to prepare and a great taste.

– Maryilyn W.

Feel energized & eat less

This is a great new product. I felt energized and sated throughout the day. I found myself eating less overall as well.

– Ellen L.

Delicious chocolate smoothie

I liked it! Easy to mix in the blender just open the packet and add milk. Blend for awhile and drink! Makes a nice, easy chocolate smoothie.

– Dave V.

Less hungry after workout

I felt less hungry. And I am usually very hungry before lunch time. I exercise every morning for at least 90 minutes, so I usually have breakfast and then another small one before lunch. Not today.

– Erin D.

Full and healthy

I felt full and "healthy" if that is possible. :) At first, I was a little "too full," but then the over-full feeling went away, and I was simply satisfied and not distracted by hunger during the day. Interestingly, after lunch, I didn't have that mid-afternoon hunger craving

– Missy P

No need for afternoon snacks

I had a salad for lunch, which is pretty common, but I didn't feel the need to eat any morning or afternoon snacks.

– Ashley B.

Simply feel good

I felt good after drinking your breakfast smoothie—and better than I would have, had I eaten a heavy breakfast with oils, breads, and meats, etc.

– Noah C

Better than morning coffee

I stumbled onto the Zen Breakfast Blend at my doctor’s office. Due to my health issues and treatment plan, nutrition was a very big concern. And I was trying everything but sticking to nothing. That changed with Zen Breakfast Blend. It tastes great. It gives you the daily nutrition you need to start your day. I even started reaching out for it before my morning coffee. The breakfast blend is truly a lifesaver. I've stuck with it as my daily breakfast choice for a while now and will recommend it to anybody. I use it with coconut milk, it's easy to make as I'm always rushing out to work in the morning and is better than my previous go-to of eggs and toast. I love it.

– Sid N.

Perfect for busy lifestyles

I have a very demanding work schedule. Crazy hours and always on-the-go. The Zen Breakfast Blend smoothie is perfect for my lifestyle. It's quick, easy to prepare and great tasting. I have this for breakfast, lunch or dinner and I also take it to the gym.

– David T.

Great taste

The smoothie is the healthiest meal-on-the-go I have come across. I love the taste, the texture, and the amount of unprocessed omega-3s from nuts and seeds. Great product!

– David K.

Stablizes blood sugar

Zen Breakfast Blend allows me to make delicious smoothies, which kept by blood sugar stable and my stomach satisfied for hours.

– Wendy Q.