Why is Zen Breakfast Blend 400+ calories?

Experts now recommend that people have a healthy 400+ calorie breakfast to help maintain good health, and to maintain or lose weight.  An insufficient breakfast, or one with too many carbs and sugar, can leave people feeling lethargic and unfocused.  Most people generally compensate by eating too many calories for lunch/dinner. Eating this way can contribute to blood sugar imbalances, metabolic diseases, diabetes and other health problems.

What does Zen Breakfast Blend taste like?

Delicious.  Thanks to the fiber and fats, it's a thick chocolate shake.  Plain protein shakes have a reputation for being chalky because they are all powder and mostly protein. Zen is primarily nuts and seeds, so it's thick and filling.  And it's taken years of testing to make it taste this good.

Why do I need a blender to make Zen Breakfast Blend?  Why not a shake?

Powders can be a great supplement to food, but they are not real food. Powdered ingredients are often processed, sterilized and neutralized to the point where they lack the same nutrients you find in real food.  We wanted Zen to be packed with the goodness of real nuts and seeds, to keep it as close to nature as possible.

Why does Zen Breakfast Blend have so much fat?  Will it make me fat?

Modern thinking on fat is less concerned about the total fat consumed, and more on the sources of fat and total calories consumed.  Zen also contains more fiber than most people eat all day, so most people who consume Zen report a feeling of fullness that stays with them throughout the day. They also report snacking less and eating smaller meals later in the day.  Try it for yourself and you will see.

Is Zen Breakfast Blend only for Vegans?

Not at all. Zen Breakfast Blend is for everyone who wants to have a better breakfast, two years and older.  Plant-based proteins are one the biggest trends in healthy eating, and a a great idea for both vegans and meat eaters alike.

Is Zen Breakfast Blend Paleo?

Strictly speaking, no.  A Paleo Diet is based on the types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans, mostly meats, fish, veggies, nuts, seeds and fruit.  Like Paleo, Zen is mostly seeds, nuts and fruit, but we we use rice/pea protein instead of meat, which isn't Paleo.  That said, Zen Breakfast Blend a great option for people who want most of the health benefits of a Paleo Diet without having to eat as much meat and processed fats.

I thought ground flaxseed spoils quickly?

It sure can. If you grind flaxseed at home, it can spoil in days or weeks, even when refrigerated.  Our flaxseed is milled using a special cold milling process, packaged in a high-barrier foil pouch, and requires special handling throughout the manufacturing process to make sure it remains fresh from North Dakota farms to your blender.

What do people experience when they start eating Zen Breakfast Blend?

People have reported more energy and alertness, a greater sense of well-being, a tendency to snack less, and have a smaller lunch/dinner. Some users report feeling very full.  If a person normally requires less than 2,000 calories a day, a 400-500 calorie smoothie may be too much for breakfast.  Leftovers store well in the refrigerator.

Is Zen Breakfast Blend heart healthy?

We can't make any claims on heart health, but we do encourage people to do their own research, including WebMD's analysis of flaxseed and WebMD's review of ALA essential fats and their relationship to cardiovascular health.

I’ve read that flaxseed and chia are good for protecting against certain types of cancer, like breast cancer?  

We don’t make any claims but encourage you to do your own research.  Here’s what others are saying about flaxseed, chia seeds and breast cancer.