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Easy to make Flax and Chia Seed Breakfast Smoothie

Quick & Easy Nutritious Breakfast

It's simple. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Problem is, most of us consume massive amounts of refined carbs, sugar, greasy proteins and unhealthy fats in the morning and throughout the day.

Our smoothie pouches are an easy and healthy way to jump start your day.  All you need Zen, milk and a blender.  Just add Zen + milk in a blender on high, and in under a minute you'll be drinking a thick, delicious chocolate breakfast smoothie full of plant proteins, healthy fats from raw nuts and seeds, plenty of fiber and our selection of awesome superfoods.

Fill up on the good stuff early and you won't crave the bad stuff later in the day!  With our superfood smoothie mixes, you'll be ready to work, play and feel better the Zen way. Attain a higher state of healthy from Zen blends -- all compliments of Mother Nature. Only 6 grams of net carbs per serving

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Flax and Chia Seeds ingredients in Breakfast Smoothie

Blended Flax-Chia-Sunflower seed & Nut.

Looking for an easy way to eat healthier?  Eating less processed fats, and adding more healthy fats from nuts and seeds in your diet is a great place to start!  Each pouch of Zen has a super blend of raw seeds and nuts that are simply cleaned, steam pasteurized, and made ready for your blender.  No roasting or refining here.

Most of all, you will love Zen Breakfast Blend for it's Flaxseed.  It's the new wonder food according to WebMD - and we could agree more  We've here to help make eating more a whole lot easier.  Our flaxseed and chia seeds are Omega-3 powerhouses.  Just one serving of Zen has more than 100% of your ALA-Omega 3, so now you're ready to take on your day.

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Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Ingredients

Simple, healthy ingredients to start the day

Full of premium health food ingredients, Zen helps you eat clean in the morning, without having to spend 15-20 minutes to make your own smoothie and without all the sugar of a fruit smoothie.  Each pouch is mostly seed, nut, plant proteins and natural organic cacao, all ready for your blender.  There's no filler carbs in Zen.

Our carefully crafted list of ingredients are all superstars in their own right. We've taken the time to put them all together in just one pouch so you don't have to.  No measuring, no mess and no fuss - and without any unnatural preservatives whatsoever.

Keep Zen anywhere in your kitchen, perhaps where your breakfast cereal used to go! 

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Flax and Chia Seed Breakfast Smoothie with Milk

Choose your Favorite Milk

We've tested them all and we certainly have our favorites, but Zen Breakfast Blend pairs up well with every milk we've ever tested.  Just start with the milk that's already in your refrigerator.  It's that easy.  After a few tries, you won't even need to measure your milk.  Depending on the milk you chose, a serving of Zen Breakfast Smoothie is usually about 200-250 calories.

For most milks (either dairy or non-dairy), 1.5 cups is usually plenty -- though some people like a splash or two more.  Once you've got the hang of it, you can experiment and find what works for you. Zen with regular almond milk is a nice place to start, but why stop at simple almond milk when there are so many awesome non-dairy milks to chose from?

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