Simple Ingredients for a Better Breakfast Smoothie

Nuts, seeds, plant proteins and other healthy ingredients for your smoothie!

People should have confidence in the food they eat, so we made Zen Breakfast Blend with some of the highest quality ingredients around.  Our ingredient list is simple and straightforward. No crazy chemicals you can't pronounce and no preservatives.

The ingredients below, plus diced nut make up about 95% of each Zen mix.  What's the rest?  Simply Himalayan crystal salt, sunflower lecithin, natural flavors, and a spice to make it taste nice. Compare that to the ingredient lists of other packaged foods, many which contain preservatives, chemicals, and things you probably don't want or need in your body.

Here's the skinny on what goes into every pouch of Zen Breakfast Blend.


Simple Ingredients for Healthy Smoothies

Flax and Chia Seeds

More than half of our formula is made with nuts and seeds that have only been pasteurized with steam.  Our flaxseed is milled using a special cold milling process, requires special handling in the packaging process, and is packed in high barrier foil packaging to minimize exposure to oxygen and make sure everything remains fresh from the farm to your blender. 
Plant proteins

Plant proteins

100% of the protein in Zen Breakfast Blend is from plant-based sources. Zen is great for vegans who want to make sure they are getting enough protein, but you don't need to be vegan to add plant proteins to your diet. Plant protein reduces consumption of animal proteins, which can be beneficial to health and is more environmentally sustainable. Plant proteins use 90% less land, 92% less carbon dioxide, and 99% less water than animal protein.

Natural cacao

Natural organic cacao

Natural cacao is packed with flavonoids, a special kind of antioxidant with many health benefits.  Most chocolate today is "dutched", a chemical process that alters the pH of natural cacao to enhance taste, that also destroys up to 90% of cacao's naturally occuring antioxidants.  Our cacao is an organic natural cacao from the Dominican Republic. Undutched and organic, you can be sure that each Zen Breakfast Blend is naturally bursting with free radical-annihilating antioxidants.

Drum dried fruit

Drum dried fruit

Fruit is an important part of everyone's diet, but berries are high in sugar and most fruit powders are only fruit juice that's sprayed onto a starch for a fruity flavor. Our berries are whole fruit, pressed to remove most of the sugar, slowly air dried in drums.  This method gives you the essential goodness of natural berries without all the extra sugar you'll find in fruit juices.

Natural Sweetener


While some people will brave a smoothie of only nuts and seeds, most of us need a little extra sweetness for optimal taste. Zen Breakfast Blend is primarily sweetened with stevia and berries, but we've also added less than a teaspoonful of low-glycemic coconut sugar, for a richness and robustness that's hard to achieve without it. Zen only has a total of 6 grams of sugar in each big pouch, which is still very little by any measure.



Ganeden BC30, a new kind of powerful probiotic only available in a small number of products. Unlike most probiotics, BC30 contains bacteria still in their spore form.  This protects them from stomach acid so that up to 100x more beneficial bacteria reach your intestines compared to the probiotics in yogurts and pills.  In Zen Breakfast Blend, BC30 helps support the immune & digestive system, and increases protein utilization by increasing amino-acid levels in the blood.



How do we compare against other breakfast options?  It's not even close....

There are many options for breakfast, but none of them stack up against Zen Breakfast Blend!  Sure, you can spend 15 to 20 minutes making a full breakfast or making your own breakfast smoothie, but if you want an easy-to-make, nutrient dense, 200+ calorie breakfast, your options are quite limited.

Breakfast cereals, oatmeal, and yogurt are typically about 150 to 250 calories, often high in carbohydrates and sugar, and usually, have very little protein. Greek yogurts, health food bars, and protein shakes are higher in protein, but most don't deliver much else nutritionally.

Each two serving pouch of Zen Breakfast Blend has 20 grams of protein, plus fats and fiber from fresh nuts and seeds, a stellar probiotic, and only 6 grams of sugar. With all that fiber and other healthy stuff, you'll find yourself feeling fuller, eating less smaller meals and snacking less throughout the day.

Zen is the ultimate vegan and gluten-free way to start your day!


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