Almond, Coconut & Other Dairy Free Milks for Your Smoothie

Almond, Coconut & Other Dairy Free Milks for Your Smoothie

Unsweetened, non-dairy milks are the healthiest for your smoothie

Zen Breakfast Blend™ pairs well with all kinds of milk - like the milk already in your refrigerator.  That's usually the best way to get started. 

We generally recommend unsweetened, non-dairy milks because we believe that they are the healthiest and have the least amount of sugar - usually none.  The more sugar in the milk you choose, the sweeter your Zen smoothie will be.  In this way, you can pair your milk with your desired level of sweetness with your taste and others in your family. 

If you like life a little sweeter, the sugars in regular milks really do make the chocolate flavor pop.  Go for it!  We're not here to judge.  Indulge.  It's delicious.

Pairing Zen Breakfast Blend with different types of milks. (Note: Parings are per pouch, 2 servings/pouch)

  • ALMOND MILK:  Almond milk creates a nice, creamy breakfast smoothie.  It's got just the right balance to make the perfect Zen. We prefer unsweetened almond milk to keep the sugar low, but if you want your Zen feeling rich, try the regular stuff. (Unsweetened: 400 calories, 6g sugar Regular: 420 calories, 17g sugar)
  • COCONUT MILK:  A great choice, especially if you are hooked on the awesomeness of coconut milk.  Now you'll be drinking a coconut-chocolate smoothie for breakfast.  Mmmmm, your friends will be jealous.  Zen tastes great with all varieties of coconut milk. (Unsweetened: 400 calories, 6g sugar Regular: 450 calories, 17g sugar)
  • COW MILK*:  If your go-to milk comes from a cow, you're gonna love Zen.  Regular milk has a fair amount of sugar, which really makes the flavor pop. (2%: 480 calories, 26g sugar Skim: 450 calories, 22g sugar)
  • SOY MILK:  If soy milk, is your thing, you'll be eating, even more, protein for breakfast.  A soy Zen tends to blend up a bit thicker, so add a splash of more of soy milk or water to get it just right. (Unsweetened:  450 calories, 7g sugar Regular: 500 calories, 15g sugar)
  • RICE MILK:  Rice milk tastes great.  We recommend a low sugar or unsweetened variety.  Most rice milk tends to be on the thinner side, so you may need a splash less rice milk. (Unsweetened: 400 calories, 6g sugar Regular: 500 calories, 26g sugar)

 * If you make Zen Breakfast Blend with cow's milk, it's no longer vegan. 

Note: These are general dietary references only based on Zen Chocolate Cherry Almond. Zen Chocolate Blueberry Walnut is 10 calories more.  Actual calorie and sugar content in various milks vary slightly, so please read your milk label.


Milk Breakfast Smoothie

How do you like your Zen?

Send us an email and tell us how you like your Zen Breakfast Blend.  What do you like to put in it?  What’s your favorite milk? What original creations have you made?  How does it make you feel? 

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